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Breakfast Menu

7am-11am- Tuesday to Sunday



Breakfast Wrap                                 $ 12.00

Scrambled tofu, kale, garlic sautéed mushrooms, guacamole, house dressing and tomato relish in a jumbo tortilla wrap.


Avocado on Toast                             $ 10.00

Two pieces of sour dough topp= ed with guacamole and finished with a balsamic vinegar reduction.


Baked Beans on Toast                                  $ 14.00

Two pieces of sour dough topp= ed with guacamole and homemade baked beans and finished with a balsamic vinegar reduction.



Mushroom Scramble                                     $ 15.00

Classic tofu scramble with garlic-sautéed mushrooms served on toasted Turkish with guacamole.


The Other Scramble                                      $ 15.00

Tofu scramble with kale, toma= to, and capsicum served on toasted Turkish with guacamole.


The Big Breakfast                                     $ 25.00

The Other Scramble; garlic-sautéed mushrooms; smoky strips; breakfast potatoes; toasted sour do= ugh with guacamole; seitan sausage patties; homemad= e baked beans  served with a homemade tomato relish (suitable for 2 people).


Pancakes                                                          $ 8.00         for 1

                                                                          $ 11.00     for 2

                                                                          $ 14.00     for 3


Fluffy pancakes with your chice of topping:                   

-           Dark chocolate chips, with syrup

-           Fresh fruit with sweet syrup




Smoky strips                                                                         $ 5.00

Guacamole                                                                            $ 2.00

Seitan Sausage                                                                      $ 4.00

Baked Beans                                                                          $ 3.00

Mushrooms                                                                             $ 3.00

Ice cream scoop                                                                     $ 2.00

Gluten Free Bread                                                                   $ 2.00


Note on food intolerances
Please inform us of any food intolerances/allergies when ordering so= we can best accommodate your requirements. Please note that while we can prepa= re items to your dietary requirements, our kitchen handles allergens such as gluten, nuts, and soy so, though we do our best to ensure it does not, contamination may occur.


11am-3pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Please see the specials board= or ask your server for details on our specials


We at The Green Edge believe  in fresh, homemade, real, tasty food. Everything other than tofu, tempeh, cheese and breads are made in-house from scratch, and all items are prepared to or= der. We thank you for your patience especially during busy times. Some seasonal variation may also occur. Please let us know if you’re in a hurry and we will do our best to accommodate you.







Garlic and Herb Turkish                                                         $6.00

Fresh toasted Turkish bread topped with garlic and herb butter and finished with a balsamic vinegar reduction.    

Basil Pesto Penne Pasta Salad                                            $8.00

Cherry tomatoes, roasted capsicum, kalamata olives and baby spinach toss= ed in olive oil with a zesty citrusy pesto.


Burgers (GFO)                                                                   


Veggie                                                                                              $15.00

Homemade lentil veggie patty, topped with guacamole, caramelised onions, lett= uce, tomato, house dressing, mango chutney and finished with marinated roasted vegetables and crispy grated potato.  


Tofu                                                                              $14.00                                              

Battered tofu, lettuce, tomat= o, house dressing, apple salsa, roast capsicum, asparagus topped with deep fri= ed battered caramelised onion.


Mushroom                                                                                  $14.00

Slow-roasted chilli mushroom flats, lettuce, tomato, house dressing, mango chutney, vegan cheese and cri= spy sliced carrot.


Tempeh                                                                                       $14.00

Oriental tempeh, lettuce, tom= ato, house dressing, apple salsa and crispy carrot strips.


Satay Tofu                                                                                    $12.00

Battered tofu, lettuce, tomat= o, house dressing, peanut satay sauce.


Spicy Seitan                                                                                 $14.00

Seitan fillet, topped with guacamol= e, lettuce, tomato, house dressing, roasted capsicum salsa, tomato relish and crispy grated potato.


The Epic Burger                                                    $ 22.00

Battered Tofu, seitan fillet, oriental tempeh, satay sauce, guacamole, house dressing, roasted capsicum salsa, tomato relish, lettuce, tomato and crispy grated potato on a toasted bun. Served with a moat of chips (due to the delicate architecture of this burger, no ingredient changes can be made and “sharing” is unavailable”).


Marinated Vegetable Turkish                              $ 14.00

Roasted marinated vegetables, apple salsa, roast capsicum salsa and fresh seasonal greens served on toast= ed Turkish bread.


Salad Wrap / Bowl (GF)                                          $ 12.00/$8.00

Tomato, cucumber, grated carr= ot, alfalfa sprouts, capsicum, fresh seasonal greens, avocado and chutney in a jumbo tortilla wrap or in a bowl (GFO).


Spicy Seitan Wrap                                                     $ 14.00

Spicy se= itan fillet, cucumber, capsicum, fresh seasonal greens, roasted capsicum salsa a= nd tomato relish in a tortilla wrap


Meatball Sub Sandwich                                            $ 15.00

Tasty ho= usemade meatballs, topped with cheese, tomato chutney & capsicum salsa and gril= led.


Mushroom and Walnut Risotto                             $ 16.50

Deliciously creamy & rich risotto with mushrooms and walnuts, finished with parsley and truffle oil. = (GF)


Sweet Corn and Mint Risotto                                    $14.50

Creamy sweet corn and mint risotto




Butternut Pumpkin and Sage Spaghetti                    $15.00=

Butternut pumpkin, slow roast= ed and then pan fried with fresh sage and olive oil and served with spaghetti.


Truffled Button Mushroom Fettuccine                                        $15.00

Pan fried button mushrooms, red onions, shallots finished with parsley and truffle oil.  


Semidried tomato, Pine Nut and Basil Spaghetti   $16.00

Semidried tomatoes, pine nuts and basil in a creamy sauce.



Hot pies and rolls – available every day=

We have a variety of pies and rolls available every day. The flavours vary each day so check the hot box = or ask your server what’s available today!



Bowl of Chips                                                            $ 7.00

Hand cut potato chips, served with tomato sauce.

Add house dressing or tomato relish                                             $1.00 (GF)

Salad                                                                            $ 4.00

Our house salad, topped with house dressing. (GF)

Side of Chips and Salad                                          $ 2.50

Add a side of chips and salad= to your burger, pie, wrap or sandwich. (GF)




Something Sweet


Chocolate Sundae                                                     $ 9.00

Vanilla = CocoLuscious ice cream topped with Callebaut chocolate chips, brownie bits, whipped cream, choc-chip cookies, and chocolate sauce. (GF)<o= :p>


Ice Cream Boat                                                         $ 5.00

Three scoops of CocoLuscious vanilla ice cream topped with your choic= e of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry sauce. (GF)


From The Dessert Fridge

We have a variety of desserts available in the cake fridge; please ask your server what is available today.

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cr= eam for $2.00.




Smoothies                                                                   $ 8.00



Mango cheeks, almond milk, coconut milk, freedom syrup.



Blueberries, banana, almond m= ilk, coconut milk, freedom syrup.



Bananas, almond milk, coconut milk, freedom syrup.


Mixed Berry

Mixed berries, banana, almond milk, coconut milk, freedom syrup.


Mango Piña Colada

Mango cheeks, pineapple juice, coconut cream, freedom syrup.



Acai berries, banana, almond milk, coconut milk, freedom syrup.



Milkshakes                                                                  $ 7.00

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, coffee or peanut butter.


Spider                                                                          $ 4.50

A scoop of CocoLuscious ice cream and a Phoenix soft drink of your choice.


Fresh Juices                                                              

The Green                                                                                         $8.00

Kale, apple, carrot, celery a= nd ginger

The Veg                                                                                             $7.00

Beetroot, carrot, celery, tom= ato and cucumber

The Tropical                                                                                        $6.00

Pineapple, orange, apple and  mint

Coffee and Hot Drinks


Served with soy as standard.


Rice or oat milk available complimentary.

Short or long black                           $ 3.00

Flat white                                         $ 4.00  

Cappucino                                          $ 4.00

Latte                                                  $ 4.50 

Mocha                                                 $ 5.00

Hot chocolate                                        $ 5.00

Chai                                                     $ 4.50 

Affogato                                              $ 4.50


Add $ 1.00 for a large serving

Upgrade to almond/hazelnut/coconut milk:

Small $1.00 / Large $2.00

All our milks are gluten free, with the exception of oat milk. Check for availability.


Tea menu

English B= reakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Peppermint, Green tea.

Ask your server what other teas we have available today.

Cup or teapot for 1                           $ 3.00

Medium teapot Serves 1 - 3               $ 4.00

Black tea can be served with a small jug of soy, rice or oat milk